Hi, Allow me to introduce myself, I am John Pederson, the youngest son of the Pederson family. Occasionally you might hear from a few of the other Homeward Bound members or even a few of our past clients, but I will be the main voice in this blog.
I thought long and hard about what kind of voice to use in this blog. In the end, I decided that it was best to keep it personal since Homeward Bound Aerial Services provides a service that is personal to our clients and ourselves. We do appreciate being asked to celebrate the life of a loved one by flying them on their final journey.

The ash hung there in the fresh mountain air, the rose petals dancing with it in the wind. Gently and peacefully, the ash takes its final journey, soaring like an eagle over the majestic mountain below.

From below, loved ones are gathered to share in the memories and joys of their husband, father and grandfather. They search the sky, looking for the chariot that will carry him on his last journey. Then they see it, a small airplane. A speck in the sky at first, but as it approaches, all the grief and pain of losing their father and husband rushes through their hearts and minds. The moments of joy and sorrow shared with him come back to them and as those feelings well up inside, his ashes are released from the airplane. At first a trail of dust appears, but quickly it blossoms into a celebration of ashes and roses. They watch as the ashes dance on the wind and drift down onto the mountain. The weight of grief is lifted from their shoulders. The feelings of grief soften and turn to joy, joy for the life that was spent together.

In the distance an eagle soars, riding the wind currents. Along with the eagle, soars the spirit of their loved one, dancing freely in the crisp mountain air.

This blog is intended to allow people to access what goes on at Homeward Bound Aerial Services. It is the intention of this blog to inform and to share with you the wonderful stories and events that occur while releasing someone to the wind. Homeward Bound Aerial Services was founded in 1993 by the Pederson family. Its main focus is to help loved ones deal with the loss of a loved one through ash scattering. Ash scattering is the process of releasing cremated remains to the wind over a location that is meaningful to the deceased or their family. Homeward Bound uses a single engine airplane to accomplish our mission.

I hope you enjoy the writing on this blog and may God bless you through it.

John Pederson 08/25/2015