Hi, Allow me to introduce myself, I am John Pederson, the youngest son of the Pederson family. Occasionally you might hear from a few of the other Homeward Bound members or even a few of our past clients, but I will be the main voice in this blog.

I thought long and hard about what kind of voice to use in this blog.In the end, I decided that it was best to keep it personal since Homeward Bound Aerial Services provides a service that is personal to our clients and ourselves. We do appreciate being asked to celebrate the life of a loved one by flying them on their final journey.

My parents, Mark and Jane, started Homeward Bound Aerial Services when I was at a tender age of 4.I grew up flying with them.I learned all I could about airplanes as soon as I could formulate the questions to ask. When I was 15 I was able to be a part of my first scattering as a pilot.On that flight, I learned a lot about what went into making our service a celebration of life.

Our client had requested a scattering of their loved ones' ashes over Snowmass Golf course, or more precisely, the fairway behind their cabin. We gained permission from the golf course management to do just that, a scattering over the fairway. Our next task was to talk with Aspen Airport's tower because the golf course fell within their airspace. We needed to ensure that we would not be in the path of any aircraft arriving at that airport.The family had requested that we do a fly by first and then the scattering at 10 am, this would enable them to view the scattering.

I was the flying pilot on this trip and my dad would do the scattering. We flew our airplane from Denver into Aspen and arrived there with enough time to go talk to the Tower in person.When it was time, we departed Aspen Airport and flew towards the golf course.We flew over the fairway to draw the attention of the family below.Once we were certain that they were present we made another pass and scattered our precious cargo.As we circled back around, we could see the cremains of the loved one hanging in the air, gracefully playing his last round of golf. We flew past and rocked our wings in one last farewell.The cremains floated gently to the green below.



Blog post 08/25/2015