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"I have loosed the Bonds of Earth to Dance on the Wind in the Presence of my Creator"


.. dedicated to providing professional memorial ash scattering by plane in Colorado and beyond.

Since 1993 we have operated our missions with dignity and respect, scattering the cremated remains of loved ones over beautiful places of remembrance, coming alongside friends and family to help ease them through the difficult times. This has become our passion.

We provide an ecologically sound and affordable means to celebrate that final journey. Scattering ash by plane grants closure in an elegant and meaningful way. As we disperse the ashes, they burst free, hang in the air, “dancing on the wind” and finally float down to the earth....dust to dust.

Friends and family are able to participate in the farewell, if they choose. We carefully co-ordinate time and place so that the scattering can be viewed from the ground. Rose petals can be added to honor and celebrate a life on that final flight.

Unsure how to talk to your family and friends about ash scattering and whether it is right for you? It is our passion to come alongside and walk you through the planning and details. Contact us, we will help you create a lasting memorial that brings peace and closure that is affordable. Call for references

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